Which path do you choose? To stand there and to feel somewhere within yourself that now is your time, that the will to change is spreading within you. You know you have to do something other than what you do or maybe someone told you to. You may be looking for more ways to try or to go deeper into yourself. Do you wish for a more glorious, happier, healthier, more powerful life - a life where you are more you? 

Then you've found the right place!


So I'm out almost every day on Adventure, having breathings, dances, icebaths and so much more. Do you want to come along? 

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Samtal om livet, döden och mycket där emellan. Ett nära samtal med Linda Örtengren @dennaknacoachen

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So after 19 years it's gone! I'm one of 1300 persons here in Sweden that have taken out the pacemaker. I feel so greatful and happy, but most of all I feel so proud of my self! Through hard work with personal development, emotionally, mentally and physically, we can effect the life inside us!

It's almost two months after the operation and I'm still quit tired. I got the complication of liquid in the heart chamber after the surgery. My body needs to rest och recover.

That effects me in many ways, one is that I haven't had any WHM-groupes this autumn. Keep your eyes open after new year and hopefully I will see you then!


Now we are up and running... Grövelsjön Tält Camp 2023.  The group had a fantastic hike up to a Same Viste and then up, all the way to the top of Jakobshöjden. The sun was shining and just a little bit of wind so the view was stunning.  They hiked to a waterfall and some of them even took a dip. Slept in tent and cooked food outside for their first time ever. Had FirstAid workshop, breathing, meditation, leave no trace and so much more.

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"One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember" -Avicii

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