So who am I? Well I'm a mother of three, entrepreneur, experienced breathing and tantra coach and a certified Wim Hof Method instructor Level 2, the first woman in Sweden!

When I was a teenager I suffered from anorexia and bulimia. What saved me from that was basketball. I started playing at a very young age and have played in highest league of female basketball in Sweden. 18 years old my life turned upside down in a mille of a second, with a head-on collision at 100km/h. Boooom! I survived, the universe gave me another chance. I've defied all the doctors who said I couldn't have children because of all my injures, so I got three. Who said I must learn to live with my pain (never in my fucking life!). Who said that I will not be able to walk without crawling and need to vomit for the damage that have been done to my brain. Who said that I might be bed ridden most of my life. 

After I had been in the regular school medicine with all my pain and injures in a few years I started to try to heal myself by different bodywork, breathing, how I move my body, regulating what I am eating and how I'm thinking. I went on food retreats to eat raw-food and meditate, everything to cleanse my body from the inside and out. I went to many bodywork retreats to try more and to learn more. The interest for helping other people grew and I started to spend time at Humlebäck, living there every second week. I gained tons of experience from Johan Ekenberg which led to me becoming a breathing- and tantra coach. And my fascination of the enormous power of breathing lead me to the Wim Hof Method. 

I live with a constant pain every second of the day, but with different types of bodywork and the Wim Hof Method I have learned to cope with the pain and turn it into power. Going for outdoor adventures in the nature with my children and my two huskies is something that is close to my heart, where I have found a connection with nature and its empowering effect. Meditating, practicing cold exposure, different breathing methods and daily movement has improved my mental, physical and spiritual health.  

So my body have suffered a great amount of injuries and pain. That lead me to start with bodywork in many different forms. I have taught myself to seek and find other ways to heal and deal with pain, both physical and psychological. 

In the end it all comes down to self-leadership, I have to be able to lead my self, push my self, I can do so much more than I know!

Wohoooo after 19 years of service I have now taken out my pacemaker!!! I'm super proud of my self of rebalancing my body. I'm one of 1300 persons here in Sweden that have taken out the pacemaker. I feel so greatful and happy, but most of all I feel so proud of my self! Through hard work with personal development, emotionally, mentally and physically, we can effect the life inside us!

I just need to keep on moving; I have beautiful life to live!



These are my AdventureGirls, Taki and Wiska. They stick around with me almost all the time. So you might meet them at my sessions. 


"Kiina Kilgren is a fighter and a lover, a woman connected to her pain and her pleasure, her masculine and feminine. Today we talk about her life and journey, about tantra and sexuality, orgasms at will, suffering and resilience, fighting and surrender, love and ice, the Wim Hof Method, conscious touch and breathwork, and much more. Her words sum it up best: "I have a beautiful life to live."

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